Semi Final Blow Dry

Semi Final Blow Dry is a service that utilizes all professional Perfectliss lines. The technology is the action of Ethanolamine Thioglycolate acting internally to transform the
hair structure, combined with Tourmaline softening agents, lining the cuticles, creating a new form: straight hair, uniform and disciplined, with lasting effects. Gentle, Regular,
and Super, are the strength levels that make up the Perfectliss Relax Therapy.

Gentle – Controls volume, creating gentle curls, soft and shiny that resist humidity.

Regular – Restructures and disciplines hair strands, reducing volume and eliminating frizz.

Super – Ultra conditioner smoothing system, which makes hair totally volume free and frizz free.


01  – Divide the hair into four quadrants: from ear to ear and forehead to the nape, to facilitate the application.

02 – Start the Relax Therapy Step2 application, Gentle, Regular, or Super, depending on the degree of resistance shown by the strands. Apply 1/4 inch from the root in a uniformly respective manner.

03 – Align the strands with the help of a fine tooth comb, let set according to the strand test and knot test ².

04 – Rinse 5-7 minutes or until there is no more product residue and divide the hair again.

05 – Start applying the Neutralizer Cream Step3 starting at the nape with the help of a fine tooth comb. Apply throughout hair, always with the grain. Let set for 15 minutes
and rinse thoroughly.

06 – Remove 100% of moisture and apply the Volume Treatment Step4 distributing evenly throughout the hair. Divide them into layers, aligning the strands. With the help of a blow dryer, remove 80% of the moisture.

07 – Divide hair into thin layers and flat iron at 355 degrees Fahrenheit 10 to 15 times to fully align the strands.

08 – In the washbasin, apply a generous portion of Balancer System Step5. Let set for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

09 – Apply Leave-in and finish as desired.