Perfectliss Antifrizz



Hair entirely free of volume and frizz

It has been quite some time that researchers worldwide have strived to unravel the secrets of the energy emitted by minerals and crystals. After vigorous testing, it was discovered that tourmaline is capable of emitting beneficial properties for skin and hair.

In hair, tourmaline emits negative ions when heated which neutralize positive ions creating physical stability. This enhances the action of cosmetic products which adds to various reconstruction aids, conditioning the hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and completely frizz free.

The Tourmaline properties are the core technology of VisatHair Professional products; a leader and pioneer of its use in the hair care market.



Dilator Shampoo | Step1
With a distinguished formulation, this product creates two results that increase the effectiveness of its action without harming the hair: deep cleaning and cuticle dilation.

Relax Therapy | Step2
Formulated with active Ethanolamine Thioglycolate and moisturizers, it provides hair straightening without compromising the structure. Disciplines strands, reducing volume and eliminating frizz. It is comprised of three levels of strength; Gentle, Regular, and Super. Before starting the procedure is extremely important that professionals assess the degree of hair resistance.

Neutralizer Cream | Step3
Hydrogen Peroxide based, this product stabilizes the action of ethanolamine, developing the natural pH of the hair, providing elasticity, shine, and softness.

Volume Treatment | Step4
Provides result of capillary alignment, reduction of volume and frizz, treating the hair.

Balancer System | Step5
With the function of stabilizing the pH, it was carefully designed to end the Antifrizz processes, giving hair shine and intense hydration.