The company start up occurred in 2008, but the history began to be written long before Victor Visat’s introduction as one of the world’s major cosmetic companies. The initiative to start business development and research of hair care products was administered by his brothers Roger Visat and Rodrigo Visat. It was a learning period which accumulated valuable experience in shaping their curriculum.

The quest for knowledge has led this group of entrepreneurs to participate in various seminars, events, and exhibitions. This brought innovative technologies and consequently the opportunity to develop products and create Visat Cosmetics, LLC, which was born in the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce of Florida in Miami.

To enhance their studies and acquire differentiated technologies existing in the international market, Victor joined the largest laboratories in the United States. From this matchup came the concept of single smoothing technology generated through the properties of Tourmaline stone. Shortly thereafter, this became the thesis statement.  VisatHair, pioneered in Brazil, uses the precious benefits of tourmaline mineral in its line of professional products.