Hair Diagnosis

• Examine the hair strands to identify porosity, thickness, and strength. If the hairs are compromised and/or damaged, consider this when choosing the strength level, (Gentle, Regular, or Super).

• Fine hair requires a gentler formula than thicker hair.

• Fine hair around the contour line of the head require less processing time than those located on the crown of the head.

• Carefully follow the rest time ¹ chart.

• In any of the services, wait 7 days to utilize coloring.

• Relax Therapy Step2 cannot be used with hair coloring and oxidizing above 30 volumes. Do not use in hair products that contain the basis of hydroxides and metal salts. Only to be used for the purpose intended as it is DANGEROUS for any other use.


It is necessary to perform the Strand Test even if you have already used the product before. The Strand Test helps determine the time needed to relax or straighten the hair, depending on the texture thereof. We use a combination of diverse agents, so make the use of the products according to the standards and descriptions of the manufacturer. Even though products are dermatologically tested, it is essential that an allergy test be administered. Apply a small portion of the Treatment Volume Step4 to neck and forearm and let rest for 15 minutes. If there is any hint of irritation, discontinue use.

01  – Separate strands into 3 different parts: top of the head, neck, and side.

02 – Apply Relax Therapy Step2 using the appropriate strength level for each hair type.

03 – Every five minutes, examine the development of relaxation. Complete the rest time and examine the elasticity of the strands.

04 – With hair now having been processed, remove the product with water. Apply Neutralizer Cream Step3. Let set for 15 minutes and rinse.

Follow the instructions on the time chart according to the type of hair. The rest time cannot exceed the recommended time. Use a clock and note the start time of the application.

To perform the knot test, separate a thin strand on top of the head. With a thin rat-tail comb, wrap the strand forming a knot. Then examine to see if the knot opens. If so, 
the hair is not yet processed.