ForceField technology is a protecting force field that naturally protects hair against collateral effects from acids and maintains hair health and balance. This technology was developed by VisatHair in association with renowned Brazilian and North-American universities.

LOTUS TECHNOLOGY  Lotus is an aquatic plant from the Middle East, rich in vitamins B1 and B2, which has the power to absorb energy through carbohydrates. Its properties assist in high performance filtering water molecules, absorbing only its benefits. Lotus is fully effective in the antioxidant action and helps protecting hair strands from free radicals. The ForceField technology developed by VisatHair reproduces the micro surface of this leaf, creating an invisible film that prevents discoloration; a true force field to the hair.

TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY Tourmaline is a bio-energizing and catalyst agent. It delivers negative ions creating physical stability, neutralizing the positive ions. Its action combined with emollient agents increases the anti-frizz result in cosmetics, leaving hair disciplined, shiny and completely free from frizz. This technology was developed by VisatHair!